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About Brillion 9 Property

We are an Agency for Real Estate Projects and Properties in Thailand. Our Focuses are on sell, buy, rent real estate projects and properties to foreign investors. Besides the traditional real estate agency services, we also provide after-sale services to look after the properties and assets of our investors on real estate in Thailand via our tenancy management program. This would enhance the opportunity for international investors to enjoy their advantages and profitability earning from their investment plan for Thai properties. And keep their valuable assets at its pleasant condition at all times. We also provide useful related services options for international investors such as Thailand’s VIP Long-stay guests Visa, Legal formalities involved on transaction services & consultancy, Analysis report on real estate investment in Thailand, Location Introduction, Orientation to foreign newcomers and assisting them on relocation services for their settlement in Thailand.



Brillion 9 Property Co.,Ltd focuses on international market of our oversea connections for China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong, and South East Asia. Due to our partners strengths in network connections which built from years of experience. In year 2018, our partners and our agents are gathered to form up a robust team full of experts at our first office locates at one of the most busiest business district in Bangkok, Thailand, Rama 9 Road on Yin Tian (Thailand) co.ltd building. As one spot light of Bangkok’s location for our target audiences. Moreover, our partners and agents are also exercised their tied-stings web in aboard to ensure that we deliver our clients’ expectation at all scales with faithful information and truthful facts.

Mission and Vision

To set an international standard on being a professional Realtor for Thailand’s real estate business with a mission to be a trustworthy partner to our clients.”